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Be kind to your feet with French-style fashion

14. décembre 2011 | Par | Catégorie : A la une, In English

If you’re on a quest for boots and shoes with that something extra, Modatoi has a choice of women’s shoes so extensive that Imelda Marcos would be proud of it. And these aren’t just any shoes, but stylish French designs just oozing with elegance. There’s little doubt that the average woman just loves her shoes. And it’s obvious why, when you think of all the attention lavished on designing our range of ladies’ shoes. You’ll enter a world of striking zebra and leopard print effects, clashing colours, fashion details like bows and buckles, velvet and suede feel fabrics and creative patterns that draw inspiration from the pop art era, amongst others. We’re not exclusively focussed on heels. We supply practically every type of women’s boots you can imagine.
If we’re talking boots, there’s countless different models from classic mid-high boots to snow boots. One issue we’re confronted with is how to dare to be different with colour. Avoid being dictated to by the black to basics attitude. It would be a crying shame given that there’s such a choice of shades. You could try gorgeous in green, cool in cream and lovely in lilac. You can also turn a few heads with stylish mules and ever-practical flats. We’ve got you covered – literally – with our clothing and accessories range. Skirts and tops, jackets and accessories, lingerie and handbags, it’s all here. It’s sometimes the practical details that make a real difference. Make your money go further with no delivery charges when you spend more than £50. Put even more pounds aside by means of a 10% discount on orders of more than £110. You can rest easy with our satisified or reimbursed pledge and client hotline, open Monday to Friday. Finally, our clothes are designed for the female body in all its shapes and forms, so everyone can have a go at dabbling in some seriously stylish continental looks.

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