Digital publishing may never be the same again, thanks to Webpublication


As with any innovation, the flipbook knows it has to evolve to survive. Increasingly sophisticated features and tools will be key to keeping pace with the ever-more demanding requirements of today’s consumers of digital content. offers a window onto a future where optimal user experience and cutting-edge analytical tools rub shoulders in the same product. The software on offer now makes it incredibly easy to create elegant and informative documentation that will keep you a step ahead of the pack. In just ten minutes you can produce an online brochure that will show your services and goods off to the best possible advantage.

E-brochure design doesn’t have to be complicated in order to offer exceptional user functionality. It’s easy to enrich your brochure with all those must-have features that your customers and readers now expect as standard – HD pictures and video, flash animations, contents tables and more! What’s even better is that this software places no limits on the number or size of the images that you may want your brochure to contain, so you can really cut loose and create a veritable visual feast! With the right app, you can even view your e-brochure on iPhone or iPad.


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