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Making food safer: DBV-Technologies’ new food allergy treatment patches

13. décembre 2016 | Par | Catégorie : Autres langues

The DBV Technologies website is where you’ll find all the information you need about an exciting new development in the field of food allergy treatment.

The Viaskin patch could be used as a food allergy treatment for various foodstuffs

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

This French company has been working over the last few years on a number of patches aimed at combating certain common food allergies. You can discover more details here on the Viaskin egg patch, and the Viaskin peanut and Viaskin milk patch also have their own dedicated sections.

In fact, all three patches work in basically the same way. The patch is placed discreetly on the patient’s arm (you can see from the photograph below just how small it is), and may be left there as long as you want. It contains tiny amounts of the antigen which causes the patient to have allergic reactions. This antigen is then passed through the skin thanks to the condensation chamber created between the epidermis and the patch, which solubilizes the antigens. Once through the skin, the antigens enter what are called Langerhans cells, which are extremely tolerogenic, making them ideal for the purpose of allergy desensitization.


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