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DBV-Technologies are working to help keep your child safe from the effects of food allergies

10. juin 2014 | Par | Catégorie : In English

For parents, their child’s health is of paramount importance. A major worry in today’s world concerns the increasing incidence of food allergies that affect children. French company DBV-Technologies has been working on solutions that are designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to common food allergies affecting both children and adults, including […]

Give your fashion wardrobe a good spring-cleaning

4. mai 2012 | Par | Catégorie : In English

As winter recedes into the background perhaps it’s time to be creating some wardrobe wriggle room for the latest styles. Modatoi.co.uk is the ideal way to begin looking, boasting as it does an extensive assortment of ladies’ shoes, clothes and accessories. What’s more, this is fashion with something of a continental streak.That much is obvious […]

Ever thought about getting on the binary options trading bandwagon?

16. avril 2012 | Par | Catégorie : In English

Many binary options trading sites have emerged on the scene in recent times. These websites allow users to procure binary options on various kinds of ‘underlying assets’, including forex, stocks and different types of commodities. If you want a better understanding of the concept behind binary options trading most trading platforms will provide a thorough […]

Treat your wardrobe to a spring make-over

16. avril 2012 | Par | Catégorie : In English

Now that spring has well and truly sprung our thoughts will be turning to making a little space in our cupboards to welcome the new season’s looks. Modatoi.co.uk is the ideal way to begin looking, since it carries an excellent collection of ladies’ shoes, clothes and accessories. What’s more, this is style with more than […]

Flaunt your feet – they’re worth it!Fashion lends a helping hand – to your feet!

9. mars 2012 | Par | Catégorie : In English

Occasionally women’s footwear is seen as a poor relation compared with other types of clothes. That’s such a shame. Hit the right note with your choice of footwear, you’ll find inspiration for the rest of your outfit comes more easily that way. An essential element of every fashionista’s armoury is a fetching set of half boots. […]

Classic Swiss luxury – in leather

15. février 2012 | Par | Catégorie : In English

leather goods’ and ‘Swiss-style’ may not seem like an obvious combination at first, but Lucrin’s selection of fine online leather goods, www.lucrin.co.uk, is sure to change your mind on the subject. We sell a tremendous variety of online leather goods, all hand-crafted. Lucrin’s leather goods are a practical addition to any home or office. They’re […]

Be kind to your feet with French-style fashion

14. décembre 2011 | Par | Catégorie : A la une, In English

If you’re on a quest for boots and shoes with that something extra, Modatoi has a choice of women’s shoes so extensive that Imelda Marcos would be proud of it. And these aren’t just any shoes, but stylish French designs just oozing with elegance. There’s little doubt that the average woman just loves her shoes. And it’s […]

The Bounty family lodge – your tropical home from home in the Pacific

28. septembre 2011 | Par | Catégorie : In English, On en parle

There’s nothing like getting away from it all, forgetting your worries for a moment and just enjoying life – and where better to do this than at the Bounty family lodge, a delightful Rangiroa hotel located in the enchanting surroundings of a South Seas island. This charming hotel in Tahiti is perfectly suited for anybody seeking first-class accommodation […]

Classic Swiss luxury – in leather

15. mai 2011 | Par | Catégorie : In English, On en parle

It may be that Switzerland doesn’t come straight to mind when talking about luxury leather goods. However, Lucrin’s online selection of fine leather goods (www.lucrin.co.uk) is about to change all that. We have a massive selection of online leather goods, all hand-made, Swiss-style. Lucrin have leather goods for just about any occasion – corporate gifts, […]

DBV Technologies – finding revolutionary solutions to food allergy issues

28. avril 2011 | Par | Catégorie : A la une, In English

DBV Technologies aims to revolutionise the world of allergy treatment with its cutting-edge food allergy diagnosis and treatment solutions. The VIASKIN® delivery system is tailor-made for the treatment of IgE mediated food allergies. It provides a solution to both milk and peanut allergies . The success of VIASKIN® stems from its original method of delivering […]